Company News
Edyta Kowal, former Content Marketing Manager at Prowly, was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. She replaced Piotr Bożek, who left the company in May this year to develop his own business. As Chief Marketing Officer, Edyta is coordinating Prowly's marketing operations.

14 August 2018

Customer Stories
Looking for PR Software? Here’s what should be on your checklist.

7 August 2018

Product Guides
It’s no mystery that a good email pitch means the life or death of even the most carefully thought through and crafted press release. How to write an email pitch that will engage your media contacts and keep the path to coverage clear and open?

2 August 2018

Interested in finding out how to use Prowly PR Software? Join one of our webinars to find out more!

25 July 2018

PR Booster
In today’s Booster, you will find a very insightful text about perfect timing when it comes to press releases distribution. I have commited an article about user roles, managing and taking advantage of assiginig role to your users.☕

20 June 2018

Product Guides
To log in to your Prowly account, you use your email address. The app sees it as your individual ID, to which a specific ‘role’ is assigned. Your role will determine your access to the app’s functionalities. Learn how to manage these roles and how to use them in practice.

20 June 2018

Product Guides
There are many factors that can decide the life or death of your media coverage: from the relationships with specific journos to editorial schedules to the topics of your publications. Yet there are situations when you should also remember about some basics, like, for instance, the timing of your press releases. What’s the best time and day to hit “send”? Let’s find out!

15 June 2018

PR Booster
Are you familiar with Prowly’s analytical capabilities? We have just launched an educational series on this topic in our Booster. Let’s begin with mailing statistics.

7 June 2018

Product Updates
Hi! Perhaps (just like us) you’re just about to wipe the sweat off your brow on the home stretch before the GDPR enters your PR reality. As your friends from Prowly, we’ll try to answer all your most important questions and dispel any doubts you might have in relation to our role in the new reality of managing personal data in PR processes. Also, we want you to be up to speed with all the functionalities we’re planning to launch in the near future. Meet the GDPR Manager that will help you manage your media contacts in this new legislative landscape.

21 May 2018

Product Guides
Before you send a mailing, you have to make some choices — think what title to give, what to put in the message, and who should the recipients or your press release should be. All these decisions will ultimately result in a mailing, the effects of which should be measured by analyzing your mailing statistics.

18 May 2018

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