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Link Building Fundamentals for Brand Journals - New Ebook from Prowly App

You have great content but don’t know how to reach readers? We’re excited to introduce to you our brand new ebook, a powerful tool for improving your online PR efficiency with Prowly Brand Journals.
Prowly Company Strengthens Team With Chief Marketing Officer 📈

Prowly, the Warsaw-based PR software startup, hires Piotr Bożek, an experienced online marketing manager to boost global marketing & sales performance of the Prowly app.
Don’t Do Media Relations. Do Inbound Relations Instead and Let Your Audience Find You with Prowly Brand Journal

PR 3.0 is the PR of new technologies and new competencies. Today, when virtually everyone can publish content and almost instantly earn the rank of an opinion leader, the Holy Grail of your profession isn’t the traditional media relations anymore, but your very own conte
Vimeo Is Making Visual, Interactive Brand Journal for a ‘Post-Text’ Internet with Prowly App

Targeting the savvy reader of today isn’t a piece of cake. The rapid evolution of the social web means that the way content spreads is changing on a daily basis. The same goes for media relations. That’s why you have to listen to your audience and be more focused on making visual, post-text, and bite-sized content. Just like Vimeo does with the Prowly app.
Prowly App Raises $1,1M Series Pre-A

Internet Ventures fund, managed by Private Equity Managers Group, and Bluerank invest in Prowly app.
⚡ Prowly Story Creator Update ⚡ 

Time for engaging and interactive content powered with the Prowly app!
Vimeo and Prowly App Show That Brand Newsrooms Don’t Have to Be Boring

Prowly launches Vimeo’s new Press Center supported with a personalized media pitching module.
Startup Lessons Learned in 2016 - Inside Prowly

To me, Prowly feels like the greatest lesson of humility. I feel that I will never be able to learn as quickly as I am learning now - it is both the advantage and disadvantage of running your first startup. Here is a collection of the biggest lessons I learned in 2016.
Prowly App: How We Got From a Vitamin to Becoming a Painkiller in Our Segment

A while back, my co-founder Sebastian made an observation that in contrast to for example, e-mail marketing or online monitoring tools which are like antibiotics, Prowly app is more like a vitamin for those in PR. That’s because we weren’t like a first aid remedy, but rather, we healed already existing processes – like those related to creating newsrooms or to the analytics of contacts. You know, a nice-to-have.
Our Way to $1,1M Series Pre-A - Inside Prowly

It's been almost a year since we at Prowly closed our pre-A series round of financing. This is the story behind the scenes. Because behind every success there is a lot of everyday struggle.

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