• How Brydge Benefits from Prowly’s All-in-One Model
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Dear clients and friends, in light of the global situation affecting everyone’s private and professional lives at the moment, I’d like to share a few things that I hope you will find helpful.
How Prowly Helped a Social Campaign Land 150 Publications and Go Viral

Medstar Media is a marketing agency that helps providers build their business with targeted marketing campaigns and high-converting websites. In 2014, they created a YouTube video to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They needed media outlets to help them promote thei...
6 Simple Steps to an Effective Pitch

Building a contacts list is a process that requires quite a lot of effort and commitment, which ultimately may bring many benefits. Where best to start? First of all, think about what and how you want to inform your potential readers. Remember that stories told in a plai...
Prowly's Update—Find The People Waiting To Write About Your Story

Prowly is on the verge of launching a new add-on which will allow you to make your outreach as impactful as possible. From now on, your media database research will be backed by intelligent technology. 
Prowly Welcomes Chief People & Culture Officer

Prowly, a tech company offering solutions for the PR industry, teams up with Iza Klat who is joining the team as the Chief People & Culture Officer. Previously associated with brands such as Google, Iza will be now providing coaching and advisory support to the start...
Pixers: Good PR Is to Support a Brand, Strengthen Its Position and Allow It to Reach a Wider Public [Case Study]

They’ve been focusing strongly on communication from the start, and Prowly allowed the brand to reach a wider public. Their motto reads: “We live to change.” How did they manage to spread it across their target audience and how has Prowly’s Brand Journal helped? We talke...
How to Use Prowly’s Brand Journal for Crisis Communication

Every hour matters in case a sudden need arises to create a center for crisis communication. If your company website isn’t agile enough or if you simply prefer to create an independent page that will not necessarily be accessible from the level of your primary site, Prow...
8 Reasons Why SEO is Important in PR

One of the elements we’ve implemented in the latest version of Prowly’s content editor is more control over the SEO settings. And the reason is simple—optimizing your content for search is today one of the basic tools that help PR people reach audiences with their messag...
Which Metrics Are Going to Jack Up Your PR Reports with Prowly

We all know the theory which says that everyone should measure their PR activities. But not everyone knows how to get started in practice. That’s precisely where we come in.
Three Ways to Write an Effective Email Pitch

It’s no mystery that a good email pitch means the life or death of even the most carefully thought through and crafted press release. How to write an email pitch that will engage your media contacts and keep the path to coverage clear and open?
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