Season 3
This season, Audience reveals new secrets about your contacts. We already what these secrets are!

1 day ago

Season 3
They call him the analytical mafia kingpin—apparently he knows all about you. Watch out: he might look a bit scary at first, but we can guarantee that sooner or later you’ll become good pals.

4 days ago

Season 3
The Brand Journal has become our trademark – sort of a timeless hero. We know that the aesthetics along with the readability of the content presented on your own journal are of particular importance to you. It would be a sin to change its design. However, we’ve added some small improvements to the Brand Journal management panel.

8 days ago

Season 3
For starters, Prowly reveals its brand new face. Check out our new logo and redesigned interface.

11 days ago

CEO Blog
A Thing About My Favourite Superheroes in PR

15 days ago

Season 3
Hi there! We’re about to welcome a new season at Prowly. In just a few weeks (March 2018), we will demonstrate to the worldwide audience all the changes and new features in the application. This is undoubtedly the most important premiere in our lives. And this time we are prepared so well that we’re counting on getting shortlisted for PR Oscars.

17 days ago

Company News
2017 was for us like a sprint run over a full marathon distance. This was a year of searching for the scalability of our business and ways to replicate the business model abroad, introducing a number of internal communication changes, and strengthening our position on the Polish market. With what effect? I.a., increasing the share of revenue from foreign customers to 30%, improving ARPU and LTV while maintaining the calculated growth at 8% m2m.

about 1 month ago

Company News
2017 was like one of the best Daft Punk records. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. We’re finishing it with having our business more than doubled in size and having established presence in markets such as Mexico, South Africa, or Spain. What happened throughout the last twelve months? Here’s a summary of the superpowers we’ve gained in 2017.

about 2 months ago

Customer Stories
The Filmteractive Festival of Interactive Communication was conceived in response to the needs of evolving markets and new challenges related to building a marketing message. It provides a platform that brings together business and creativity. This confrontation results in countless interesting discussions, new opportunities, and plenty of out-of-the-box ideas. The following case study outlines the promotional and communicative activities presented at the 6th Filmteractive Festival and their effects. Product used: Prowly Brand Journal.

3 months ago

Company News
Meet Karolina, who just joined our Warsaw HQ. Let’s find out why she chose Prowly and what makes her life worth living. Welcome to our new series where you’ll learn all about every single person that makes Prowly better each day :)

3 months ago