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27 February 2023

Prowly introduces a new benefit, Trust Paid Time Off, which means that our teammates can use as many paid days off a year as they need.

23 January 2023

Last month, public relations professionals from all over the world traveled to Texas for ICON 2022, the annual event hosted by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The Prowly Team was more than happy to join them to celebrate and support the return of PR event...

22 December 2022

More and more, CSR has come to represent a shared Responsibility where every little good deed matters. This is how Prowly, a PR software company, strove to meet the needs of their community in 2022.

19 December 2022

Just three months after releasing Media Monitoring, Prowly holds the momentum with PR Reports, a coverage reporting tool. This new addition completes their quest to become the all-in-one tool for PR professionals.

18 August 2022

Prowly introduces a new and better version of the Media Database. With the latest product update, you can now find niche journalists faster thanks to keyword search, where you can look for that particular keyword in their latest articles and tweets.

16 August 2022

The report is a fascinating snapshot of where PR is today as it gradually adapts and embraces digital capabilities that streamline processes and integrate resources into comprehensive tools. The overall trend is towards greater adoption of these tools but, as we found ou...

29 June 2022

This new addition places Prowly as a complete PR workflow tool with a focus on addressing the needs of modern PR professionals.

22 April 2022

Here at Prowly, we’re constantly in growth mode and that means something is always in some stage of redevelopment or being reinvented. Sometimes it’s a simple cosmetic makeover to make a feature easier to use and sometimes it’s an all-new addition or expansion that opens...

31 December 2021

Product Updates
Press releases are a great source of SEO content due to their natural character which matters a great deal in SEO activities. Prowly’s Brand Journal, apart from having an image-related function, may become a source of quality traffic to your website. The success of such ...