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We all know the theory which says that everyone should measure their PR activities. But not everyone knows how to get started in practice. That’s precisely where we come in.

29 August 2018

Product Guides
Hi there! Imagine this: you’re at work early in the morning. You open your laptop, brew some coffee, and launch just one app. At startup, it displays all the stats generated recently by your press room or online magazine. It tells you which press release or article was the most popular among your readers and which contacts from your list have read it just recently. Your next release is scheduled before lunch. You can go grab a bite, the app will take care of everything. This is just a small example of what you can do with Prowly, the software you’re about to test out. In this guide, we’d like to show you how to master its basics and implement it to your everyday work routine effectively.

9 March 2018

Season 3
Follow-up after your mailings. It’s a unctionality of the action genre. Some say it’s on the verge of extinction – it's probably because they haven’t seen it getting the job done right for a long time. The last hero of this season shall regain its former glory!

1 March 2018

Season 3
The Brand Journal has become our trademark – sort of a timeless hero. We know that the aesthetics along with the readability of the content presented on your own journal are of particular importance to you. It would be a sin to change its design. However, we’ve added some small improvements to the Brand Journal management panel.

15 February 2018

Season 3
For starters, Prowly reveals its brand new face. Check out our new logo and redesigned interface.

13 February 2018

CEO Blog
A Thing About My Favourite Superheroes in PR

8 February 2018

Season 3
Hi there! We’re about to welcome a new season at Prowly. In just a few weeks (March 2018), we will demonstrate to the worldwide audience all the changes and new features in the application. This is undoubtedly the most important premiere in our lives. And this time we are prepared so well that we’re counting on getting shortlisted for PR Oscars.

7 February 2018

Product Updates
Content is like everything in life—all that is available straight away and to everyone has a poorer power to attract than the things that are offered exclusively to you. Almost everyone is fighting over products that are in short supply. This is just how we operate—if we can’t have certain things, we want them all the more. How important is exclusive content in everyday relations between PR pros and journalists? And how to make the most of it to give your readers an incentive to take action?

27 April 2017

Product Guides
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start using Prowly app – but we’re sure you’ll find many more on your own.

15 December 2016

Company News
Rafal Salak has been appointed Communications Lead at Prowly. He will oversee global communications for the company

7 April 2016

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