Prowly Season 3 Official Trailer is Here!
Prowly Season 3 Official Trailer is Here!

The new version of the popular CRM tool for PR professionals will soon make its debut.

Prowly Season 3 Official Trailer is Here!

Hi there! We’re about to welcome a new season at Prowly. In just a few weeks (March 2018), we will demonstrate to the worldwide audience all the changes and new features in the application. This is undoubtedly the most important premiere in our lives. And this time we are prepared so well that we’re counting on getting shortlisted for PR Oscars.

Before the scheduled date of the premiere, we would like to carefully guide you through all the updates of Prowly. Here's a short trailer of what you’re about to learn in the upcoming weeks. Sit back and relax, grab some popcorn and step inside the world of the heroes of our upcoming update.

S3E1The Owl Drops Its Mask

Rumor has it that Prowly’s CRM tool is about to change its interface. Before this happens, you will be able to see and tell whether it fits and how it will affect the intuitive day-to-day work with the app.

S3E2Brand Journal – A Timeless Classic

“To leave what’s good for something that is much better,” this is the motto of Season Three’s second episode at Prowly, which will present some minor changes introduced to the control panel in the Brand Journal – a management tool for companies and brands to handle their newsrooms.

S3E3Mr. Performance

A new superhero appears in town, with muscles filled with data. His analytical mind and piercing eyes will make sure that from now on you’ll never miss a single exercise undertaken with Prowly.

S3E4Audience and New Insights About Your Contacts

With the new version of Audience – a contact management module – you'll be able to see a lot more. New features will help you measure your audiences from head to toe, and all the key information will be right at your fingertips.

S3E5Pitch: BB-8 of the PR World

Pitch has gone through some major changes lately. Like BB-8, it will reach any place you want to go to, with no waste of your precious time. This season, the pitch form will be further refined to make your statistics views even more useful.

S3E6Follow-up – The Master of PR Teleportation

The last hero that will appear in Season Three is Follow-up. Follow-up is a real man of action focused on the automatic process of allocating tasks as regards following up with your contacts after they receive your mailings.
Over the next few weeks, we will be sending you a newsletter containing the extended versions of the above summaries to your inbox. In the meantime, you will also receive an invitation to participate in our training/webinar, during which we will guide you through all the changes. In the end, we will grant you pre-premiere access to the new version of Prowly.

Prowly, Season 3
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About Prowly: Prowly is a PR and Content Marketing CRM for agencies, businesses and freelancers. It lets you create interactive press releases, articles or blog posts, post them on brand newsrooms, then distribute to the media and measure results. Several thousand professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as Vimeo, Deloitte Digital, IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.


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