Prowly S3E4 - Audience: A Few Little-known Facts About Your Audience
Prowly S3E4 - Audience: A Few Little-known Facts About Your Audience

In this episode, you'll learn more about the new looks of the contact management module and new contact analysis functions.

Prowly S3E4 - Audience: A Few Little-known Facts About Your Audience

This season, Audience reveals new secrets about your contacts. We already what these secrets are!

The new version of Audience, or the media contact management module, will give you, above all, a sense of greater order in your database. With the changes made, all key information on your contacts will always be close at hand, as if by magic.

It’s All Right

Let's start by going through the main view of the media contacts database. The second you enter Audience, you will see the list of contacts with all key information attached: first and last name, the name of the media outlet, tags, phone numbers, and email address. Each of these fields will be active, which means it triggers the desired action in the application. In the Audience menu, in addition to standard management functions, you'll also find quick filters and shortcuts to the actions you perform most often.

Another change concerns the detailed view of a contact. The left section of this view is dedicated to all activities and notes regarding a given contact. You can now sort these activities. On the right, you can find a general description of the contact, all contact details that you’re storing, as well as information on which groups and segments the contact belongs to—the latter can now be easily edited (added or removed from this level).

Audience speaks the truth

A major adjustment will be implemented in the functions of contact groups. As of now, they will display a statistics view. When you click on the statistics, you will see the effects of all your mailings to a given group over a specific period, broken down by: behavior that you can define yourself by selecting it from the list, general open rate, click rate, and the bounce rate of a given group, and the best mailings and contacts from that group in terms of clicks on your content.

Filters and segments created on their basis will also undergo a makeover. We added open rate, click rate, and bounce rate stats to the filters, along with the ability to define the time range in which you might want to examine the behavior or parameters available within all filters. What does this mean in practice? For example, the new features will ensure easy access to the contacts which in the last three months have been clicking through your messages most often. What’s equally important, a view similar to the group’s statistics view will also appear in the settings of each segment.
The last change concerns imports. From now on, each time you import new databases to Audience, it will be possible to automatically create groups out of them, allowing you to easily identify newly uploaded contacts in your database.
We very much hope that the upcoming modifications to Audience will result in the improved functionality and transparency of your database, and will focus your attention on analyzing contacts, which is something that has not been available before.

See you in the next episode!

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