Prowly S3E2: Brand Journal – A Timeless Classic
Prowly S3E2: Brand Journal – A Timeless Classic

In this episode, you'll learn more about the new design of the Brand Journal management panel and the new content statistics feature.

Prowly S3E2: Brand Journal – A Timeless Classic

The Brand Journal has become our trademark – sort of a timeless hero. We know that the aesthetics along with the readability of the content presented on your own journal are of particular importance to you. It would be a sin to change its design. However, we’ve added some small improvements to the Brand Journal management panel.

But the most important thing is that the Brand Journal will now show in the main navigation bar on the left side of the screen. At this level, you can easily access all the features available in your subscription plan with just 👆 one click👆 : if anyone, the Brand Journal surely deserves it!

The Brand Journal menu includes: Stories (the content you add to your Brand Journal), Tabs (to help you manage your tabs), Social media feed (for showcasing your social media content), Press kits, Subscribers (the list of people who subscribed to your Brand Journal), Subscription forms, Settings, and Media Contacts. As part of the actions section, you'll be able to create a story and a whole new Brand Journal (if your account resources allow you to do so).
The Stories section will change, but only to a small extent. We have made the content view more legible to make sure that all the key functions – like adding your stories to the Brand Journal – are more visible.

New Feature 🔥 Story Statistics

Content settings get a new section dedicated to statistics. This feature will allow you to see how many views and unique visits your content has generated and from what sources. If you handle the distribution of your story earlier, then the statistics will also include the email addresses of visitors from your Audience. From now on, nothing will escape the attention of your Brand Journal!

And best of all, we are not done with numbers and analytics.

This season’s new hero – Mr. Performance – is coming like a blast.
See you soon!

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