Prowly S3E3: Mr. Performance
Prowly S3E3: Mr. Performance

In this episode, you'll learn more about the new screen view after logging in to the application (Dashboard) and the new analytical functions (Account Performance).

Prowly S3E3: Mr. Performance

They call him the analytical mafia kingpin—apparently he knows all about you. Watch out: he might look a bit scary at first, but we can guarantee that sooner or later you’ll become good pals.

Until now, Prowly has made it possible for you to measure the efficiency of your mailing operations and track your Brand Journal traffic with Google Analytics integration. However, none of these data really “talked” to each other. May we present the two most notable changes of the upcoming update: Dashboard and Account performance.

Dashboard – A New Command Center

Here is your new screen after logging in the application. You'll see the list of activities over the last 30 days within your ENTIRE account as part of all the modules that you’re using on a daily basis. From now on, all the key results of the actions you’ve just carried out and a quick switch to those you’ve already planned will be close at hand.

The Dashboard is divided into sections corresponding to the modules in the application. It will show you, among other things, accurate traffic statistics for your Brand Journals (sessions, visits, unique visits); the efficiency of your mailing operations over the last 30 days (number of clicks and opens, click rate, open rate); and those database contacts which most frequently interacted with your content in this period. All this data will be automatically combined with data from the previous period.
Also, in each section you will find some useful shortcuts to your recently published and edited content, the most dynamically changing groups and segments in your database, or recently carried out or scheduled mailing operations and campaigns.

Performance – the final touch

There it is. All your datasets from the Dashboard can now be analyzed even more thoroughly, in any predefined period. It is thanks to the Dashboard that you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your actions with pinpoint accuracy and prove their value to anyone who even dares to ask.

At the start, you will see your top content, the most active contacts in the database, and all your mailings along with their results. You will be able to compare all these datasets with information from the previous period. And as if that wasn’t enough, based on these statistics, Performance will tell you at what times it is best to contact the people in your database, what volume of traffic you’re generating with your mailings on the Brand Journal and what is the average open rate of each of your dispatch.
The Performance functionality will also allow you to trace the traffic and its sources in every piece of content you’ve created and analyze the aggregate data concerning your mailing operations and contacts in your database. As you can see, our hero is a man of many faces. We are very hopeful that you’ll get a real kick out of working with him once you get to know him a bit better! Remember you can always reach out to our team if you need any help in interpreting the results.

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