Prowly Superpowers of 2017
Prowly Superpowers of 2017

2017 reviewed by Prowly

Prowly Superpowers of 2017

2017 was like one of the best Daft Punk records. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. We’re finishing it with having our business more than doubled in size and having established presence in markets such as Mexico, South Africa, or Spain. What happened throughout the last twelve months? Here’s a summary of the superpowers we’ve gained in 2017.

Superspeed 🏄

Remember the time when there was just a few of us? Well, not anymore! Last year, our team expanded to include twenty people working both remotely and at our Warsaw office. Thanks to this remarkable team—developers, designers, salespeople, support, marketing and administration—we’ve been able to double our business growth. Our average MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) increase reached 8% and August turned out to be the hottest of all months after we saw the increase at 13%! It made all the summer parties way better 😊

Superbrands ❤️

Throughout the last year, Prowly users have created 695 brand journals to serve the purpose of newsrooms, content marketing platforms, and company blogs. They say the press release is dead? Here’s how we see it: in 2017, a total 12,356 pieces of content were created, of which most were press releases. And if you think that’s a lot, sit tight! Over one million emails were sent last year using our platform. Special congrats to the author of the biggest mailing which was sent to 16,798 email addresses and had a 60% open rate. Wow!
A few hundred brands joined us last year, including brands we all love and admire: Vimeo (USA), Viber (Russia) or Ocesa (Mexico). 

Time travels 🏕️

We feel we’re partially responsible for the final outcome of what our users want to achieve with Prowly, which is why—apart from all the guides and tutorials that we’ve produced—we offer ongoing support of our Customer Service team. Actually, I think we should re-name it “The Rapid Reaction Team” since their average response time (to the first inbound query) is just three minutes. That’s two minutes less than in 2016! 😊. Overall, last year, we had 3,112 conversations with our users and exchanged 10,646 messages.

Transformation 🤖

Updating our system also plays a huge part here. It means both adding new features as well as enhancing or correcting the ones that are already available and some small interface tweaks (Prowly wants to look pretty too!). We’ve developed and implemented 76 major and minor updates. Stay cool, though, as we’re constantly working on new updates based on user ideas and hints that we receive nearly every day. What a community 😊. Just recently, we’ve boosted Prowly with an auto-test system to make sure there’s not even a tiny little bug in the code before we run any update.

The power of love (and inbound)💡

From sharing knowledge about the PR & content marketing industry to showcasing our products and training users how to use them properly—market education takes a lot of our time. Our content and product websites had over one million views in 2017, with traffic coming from USA or Poland to Israel and New Zealand and from Mexico to Philippines. We’ve launched Prowly Academy, a series of free PR “How-To” guides downloaded by thousands. Our content manager Edyta co-established Content Espresso, a series of marketing meetings especially popular in our origin market. We’ve published 115 posts and articles on our owned channels, featuring pieces by industry pros like Gini Dietrich (, Stephen Waddington (Ketchum), or Iliyana Stareva (HubSpot). That’s quite a collection of awesome content!
The Top Articles From Prowly Magazine Contributors, 2017.

The Top Articles From Prowly Magazine Contributors, 2017.

We did all that somewhere between our 140-sq m office and our apartments, cafés, cars, pubs, and restaurants, or whatever other place we could work from. Cups of coffee we’ve had? Meetings, debates, and brainstorms we’ve held? Impossible to count. Neither can we count all the miles done by pizza/pasta/ramen, etc. delivery guys who have been saving our lives in the moments of truth and pain 😊
Prowly HQ. Warsaw, Poland.

Prowly HQ. Warsaw, Poland.

2018: Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

We enter 2018 with huge expectations, mostly towards ourselves. Our first test is about to come—we’ve scheduled a major Prowly update for the upcoming weeks to introduce new features and improvements based on the user feedback we’ve been receiving. We have done our homework and came up with a proper schedule to help us familiarize our users with the update long before it’s up and running. I'm sure it’ll go smooth. We’ll keep you looped!

On behalf of our whole team: ALL THE BEST IN 2018!

About Prowly

Prowly is a PR and Content Marketing CRM for agencies, businesses and freelancers. It lets you create interactive press releases, articles or blog posts, post them on brand newsrooms, then distribute to the media and measure results. Several thousand professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as Vimeo, Deloitte Digital, IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.

Prowly is a member of the European Tech Alliance, alongside some of the biggest technology startups from Europe (King, Spotify, BlaBlaCar, Deezer), supporting the European Commission in the Digital Single Market (DSM) project. 

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