Lessons Learned from the Unsuccessful Rollout of Prowly 2.0. Navigating the Interface Fiasco

Every innovation journey comes with its share of triumphs and tribulations. We’ve tasted both, just not in that order… Today, we unravel a candid account of an event etched in Prowly's history—the rollout of Prowly 2.0, a venture that proved to be a challenging milestone...
Startup Vicious Circle - Inside Prowly

We have been running Prowly app for more than one year. We launched our app in the end of 2013, so 2014 was the most important year for our business in Poland. After launching in beta we have verified market need and on that basis we prepared next iteration of our produc...
Adapt or Die - Inside Prowly

Through technologies dynamic development, we live in an ever-changing reality and the way we communicate is the fastest to evolve. For start-ups in this market it’s an advantage and also a curse. Those who observe, analyse and adapt will survive.
How We, the Startup Founders, Turned into Taxi Drivers and Hit the Streets

It was an incredibly intense month for us. The days leading up to the launch, as we were finalizing a new version of Prowly, looked something like this: start the day at 6 am, check if Sebastian had finished his updates, test the application in production, log error tick...