Prowly Delivers Analytics to PR Professionals
Prowly Delivers Analytics to PR Professionals

Prowly Delivers Analytics to PR Professionals

Polish start-up unveils a new version of its application, designed to gear the public relations industry with enhanced analytics capabilities.

The Prowly update at a glance:
  • A range of new analytics capabilities built into the application.
  • Existing features improved and enhanced.
  • A new GUI and refreshed visual identity. 
Prowly, a Polish start-up that develops software for the communication industry, has added a range of analytics features to its application. It's aim is to empower communication teams, including public relations professionals and marketers, with insights into all of their Prowly activity, from press release distribution to press room management.

Complete analytics

Prowly's latest update is designed to respond to a number of challenges that the public relations industry faces as a result of changes in how media businesses operate. “The feedback we receive from our users based in the US, South Africa or South America has helped us grow as fast as the overall PR industry. We have incorporated a lot of ideas from industry professionals who use Prowly on a daily basis to make it corresponding to their needs,” comments Sebastian Przyborowski, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. This has lead to Prowly introducing features such as detailed traffic analytics for Brand Journals - Prowly-based online press room templates. Users can now track visits to their published content and the traffic sources and performance for each piece of content. This insight allows users to identify the most valuable channels for PR messaging as well as channels that simply don’t work. “Before the update, users had to integrate tools such as Google Analytics to get this level of insight, which was unfeasible and time-consuming for many clients. Now, Prowly puts this information at their fingertips without having to use third-party tools,” Przyborowski adds.
Media database management and mailing tools have also seen updates. Users can now track activity history for each contact and how they have responded to content mailings, which means users can easily identify editors who are may use the content they receive as well as those who are not interested for one reason or another. “We use solutions that are becoming widespread in the marketing industry,” explains Joanna Drabent, Prowly's CEO and co-founder. „Using this technology, PR professionals won’t have to call each editor after executing a mailing to ask if the mailing was received. This will save a lot of time and stress on both ends.”

A refreshed GUI and branding

Coupled with functional updates, Prowly have also decided to implement a new graphical user interface (GUI). Key among new additions is the vertical navigation menu, which Prowly developers say provides quick and convenient access to frequently used information, settings and actions. Application screens have also been updated, from media database contact management to mailing and press room statistics.

Complementing the update is a Prowly rebranding, with refreshed visual identity ranging from the logo to the fonts and colors to Prowly's website design. Additionally, Prowly defined their mission statement during an internal workshop series to bring everything they do under a single high-impact theme.

“Previously, what we did felt a bit 'here and now'. As a young start-up, we were testing various solutions, gaining experience and searching for our own business direction on a daily basis. Now we know where we belong, what we are and what we want to offer to the industry. We are on a mission to give people independence and help them unlock their superpowers in everyday PR work. You could say we have grown up,”

- concludes Drabent.

A television series-inspired campaign

Prowly has just ended a "Prowly Season 3" communication campaign that spanned more than a month and aimed to educate users on the upcoming changes. Inspired by the television series format, the campaign included seven episodes, each discussing a key new Prowly feature. Marta Olczak, who oversaw the visual aspect of the campaign, says, “The new version of Prowly is another episode of our story. We decided the changes should speak for themselves, so we dressed them up as superheroes that enabled new superpowers for the public relations industry.”
Prowly S3E0.pngProwly S3E1.pngProwly S3E2.pngProwly S3E3.pngProwly S3E4.pngProwly S3E5.pngProwly S3E6.pngProwly S3_Oscars.pngProwly S3_StayCalm.pngProwly S3_Launch.png

About: Prowly is a PR and Content Marketing CRM for agencies, businesses and freelancers. It lets you create interactive press releases, articles or blog posts, post them on brand newsrooms, then distribute to the media and measure results. Several thousand professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as Vimeo, Deloitte Digital, IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic.

Prowly is a member of the European Tech Alliance, alongside some of the biggest technology startups from Europe (King, Spotify, BlaBlaCar, Deezer), supporting the European Commission in the Digital Single Market (DSM) project.


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