Adapt or Die - Inside Prowly

Adapt or Die - Inside Prowly

Through technologies dynamic development, we live in an ever-changing reality and the way we communicate is the fastest to evolve. For start-ups in this market it’s an advantage and also a curse. Those who observe, analyse and adapt will survive.

The skillful connection of different sources and inspirations for product development are key to success for internet-based enterprises taking advantage of the disruptive environment.

Prowly app is a B2B web-based application for marketing and public relations professionals. The product has been developing for more than 18 months. From the very beginning our goal is to stimulate changes in Public Relations – this is where we found our strength and this is what differentiates us from local and global competitors.

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Phase 1 – own need

Idea for Prowly came from its creator’s needs, which was a lack of tools that fit the reality of the PR professionals work. Tools that automate the most time-consuming activities and that make it easier to work in teams.

During the first phase we saw it was possible to replace three tools (Excel, Word, Outlook) with one, light and easily-accessed SaaS (Software as a Service) application, this had the added benefit of making teamwork easier. This became a foundation for the first version of the product. After its release we aimed to verify market requirements by gathering opinions of the product from its users, then created a plan for the applications development in the months to come.

Phase 2 – getting feedback

After a few months of in-depth analysis and user opinions, we planned a 1.0 version of the application. The knowledge we acquired from users was the most important factor in designing Prowly 1.0. We added CRM functions and tools for creating simple online press offices for organisations and brands. This way we satisfied needs of our first users. After a successful launch, it was time to plan further improvements. Competitors never rest so we were keen to add new features to enhance the solution, not only of the product, but also of the brand that Prowly has slowly started to become.

Phase 3 – trends adaptation

After the launch, user feedback provided input for subsequent revisions including the addition of new features.

The next key development came through tuning the new functions via the analysis of market trends. For Prowly it was the third phase which could have had a huge influence on a project’s success. We examined the latest global communication trends. In effect, we relaunched online press office and called them Brand Journals, this was because their role is not only to gather all press information, but also to integrate its whole communication in one place.

The first launch for the new brand journal was with Hill and Knowlton Strategies Poland and their client Spotify.
Brand journal Spotify Poland

Brand journal Spotify Poland

Spotify jest nagradzanym muzycznym serwisem streamingowym, oferującym dostęp do ponad 30 milionów utworów. Zapraszamy do naszego biura prasowego.

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Phase 4 – new horizons

The success after the first 3 phases has enabled us to grow rapidly and by listening to our users and being creative, Prowly now attracts some of the biggest local, European and global brands.The latest enhancement comes from our work with the communication department of Allegro an online auction website and key player in east & central European e-commerce. By _magazyn.Allegro we prove that public relations in its classic meaning is only a drop in the sea of brand communication’s demands nowadays. That PR’s definition evolves with technological development and changes. Those who don’t understand it, stay in the same place. Those who stay in the same place, go backwards.

Phase 5 – TBC.

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