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One of the elements we’ve implemented in the latest version of Prowly’s content editor is more control over the SEO settings. And the reason is simple—optimizing your content for search is today one of the basic tools that help PR people reach audiences with their messag...

25 October 2018

Product Guides
There are many factors that can decide the life or death of your media coverage: from the relationships with specific journos to editorial schedules to the topics of your publications. Yet there are situations when you should also remember about some basics, like, for in...

15 June 2018

Product Guides
Communication in the digital era is dominated by multimedia. News releases are no exception here. This is why, by supporting brands and PR specialists who stand behind them in media relations, creating engaging content and distributing it, we are taking a step forward to...

7 April 2017

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Time for engaging and interactive content powered with the Prowly app!

5 April 2017