Prowly App Will Boost Its PR Software to Provide More Data

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Prowly App Will Boost Its PR Software to Provide More Data


Prowly app announced its general PR software update that will introduce a brand new user interface, improved content presentation and new features built to provide more data for PR.

The role of data in the modern communications process will without any doubts continue to grow. This trend is naturally connected with technology development, coming along with new communication risks and opportunities. According to the European Communication Monitor 2016 survey, over 70% of PR professionals think that it will change their profession, yet no more than 21% of organizations are ready to embrace it*. That's why we're working on Prowly 2.0. 

The new version of Prowly aims to provide PR pros with more knowledge about their audiences and their behavior. Prowly users - agencies and brands - will now be able to instantly manage their media databases based on the reactions to the materials shared via the platform, making it easier to identify the most active and engaged recipients. The tool will also enable AB Tests, helping to better understand which CTAs & messages work best.

Prowly also completely redesigned its interface framework, making it more intuitive and easy to work with. One of its basic modules - the Story Creator - now allows to construct press releases out of separate blocks, with drag'n'drop and custom web sources integration. "We wanted to make it super easy for our users to create live, attractive press releases and stories" says Sebastian Przyborowski, VP Product & Co-founder at Prowly. 

The update also introduces a new template of Brand Journals - an online newsroom provided by Prowly - that allows external API integrations and customizable design to meet various corporate guidelines.

"Three years ago we built Prowly in response to our PR needs" explains Joanna Drabent, CEO & Co-founder. "Today, there's a huge knowledge gap when it comes to how data can be used in PR or Brand Journalism, though it may be the key to improving their effectiveness in the digital world. And that's exactly where we want to contribute, by providing tools & insights accessible for every PR professional."

The Prowly 2.0 update will be live in the coming weeks. It will be available to all current users for free.

For the full list of new features and changes please visit this page. Below is an image gallery presenting Prowly 2.0.

What is Prowly?
Prowly is an online platform for PR pros, content marketers and brand journalists designed to streamline their communications efforts. At the heart of Prowly's technology is what the company calls a Brand Journal, which enables companies and agencies to put all of their press releases, social and video channels, photos and blog posts in one place that tells their brand story on a continual basis. Prowly also provides tools for audience & media database management, along with campaign tracking and analytics. Several hundred professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as IKEA, Spotify, Deloitte Digital and National Geographic.

Prowly has been established in May 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, where it now holds the leader position in the PR Software market. The startup currently employs seventeen people across its offices in Warsaw and Lodz (Poland), and Boston, Massachusetts. In January 2016, Prowly raised $1.1 M series pre-A funding to introduce the product abroad. Read more here.

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