Which Metrics Are Going to Jack Up Your PR Reports with Prowly
We all know the theory which says that everyone should measure their PR activities. But not everyone knows how to get started in practice. That’s precisely where we come in.
8 Rules for Designing a Brand Journal on Prowly 💝
The Brand Journal module powered by Prowly is most frequently used to serve as an online press center. Due to its flexibility, it may also be used for writing a blog or running a brand’s online magazine. Some clients also use it to build an entire website. Here are some ...
Prowly's Update—Find The People Waiting To Write About Your Story

Prowly is on the verge of launching a new add-on which will allow you to make your outreach as impactful as possible. From now on, your media database research will be backed by intelligent technology. 
GDPR in PR – Get Ready with Prowly’s GDPR Manager

Hi! Perhaps (just like us) you’re just about to wipe the sweat off your brow on the home stretch before the GDPR enters your PR reality. As your friends from Prowly, we’ll try to answer all your most important questions and dispel any doubts you might have in relation to...
Prowly Delivers Analytics to PR Professionals

Polish start-up unveils a new version of its application, designed to gear the public relations industry with enhanced analytics capabilities.