Prowly Appoints Communications Lead

Rafal Salak has been appointed Communications Lead at Prowly. He will oversee global communications for the company
Startup Vicious Circle - Inside Prowly

We have been running Prowly app for more than one year. We launched our app in the end of 2013, so 2014 was the most important year for our business in Poland. After launching in beta we have verified market need and on that basis we prepared next iteration of our produc...
Adapt or Die - Inside Prowly

Through technologies dynamic development, we live in an ever-changing reality and the way we communicate is the fastest to evolve. For start-ups in this market it’s an advantage and also a curse. Those who observe, analyse and adapt will survive.
#PRtalk: Automation Works in Workflow, But Fails in Relations – PR Tools

#PRtalk about modern PR business is behind us. Is press release already dead? How can we replace it? How do we breakdown the business of Public Relations and what modern PR business means? Where does PR automation work, and where does it fail? What PR trends should we wa...
#PRtalk: Tool Vendors on Automation, Tools and Workflow

The hour long session will take place from 11:00hrs PST; 14:00hrs EST; 19:00hrs GMT or 20:00hrs CET on 15 December.