10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Prowly
10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Prowly

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Prowly

Are you looking for a PR software for your business? Or perhaps you’ve heard some of your friends mentioning Prowly and you’d like to find out why they chose our app? Here are the top ten reasons why the PR industry thrives working with us. Enjoy!

1. Data is the Future of Public Relations

Already a huge part of everyday communication is happening in the digital space: on the internet, via mobile devices, even fridges are connected! There’s one colossal advantage to that: whatever happens around us can be easily measured and analyzed. Public relations can make fantastic use of data-based analytics, from tracking online traffic to monitoring the results of each press release sent.
This is one of the fundamental features of Prowly. Our software is built to help you improve constantly, communicate more accurately, and be with your message wherever your audience is looking for it.

2. Your Contact List’s Place is in a Secured Cloud, Not an Excel File

Time to say it out loud: Excel is not for building media lists. It’s inconvenient, doesn’t provide basic data security, and supports no collaboration. Why stick to a solution that was built for a totally different purpose?
You can import your current media database to Prowly on your own. Wherever you are, you can access it right away—just log in to your account. Your contact list is also available to your team, but to no one else. It’s just like my dad reminding me every Friday night: “Safety first”.
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3. Prowly Loves Collaboration

Since I’ve already mentioned your colleagues: we know that a team is more than just one person. That’s why our app works great in both PR teams and entire agencies. Within one account, you can share all your data, including activity history, settings, released pitches, or contact notes. It lets you be always up-to-speed and support each other in everyday work.
You can also invite clients, business partners, or vendors to your account. If you don’t want them to have full access to all your data, just select a proper user role with limited privileges. Et voilà!

4. Prowly Brand Journal is Like a Best Friend: Everyone Wants to Have One

The Brand Journal is our own vision of a modern pressroom. It’s a brand communication center that can be easily found by journalists thanks to excellent search visibility. To configure it, you need no IT support. Just spend some time with it, and after a dozen or so minutes, you can make it attractive enough to outrank most pressrooms out there.
Cadbury's Brand Journal

Cadbury's Brand Journal

Prowly’s pressrooms are great for inbound PR—choose from up to 4 different forms to let your visitors subscribe to your press releases, articles, newsletters, and so on. Remember when I mentioned analytics? In March 2018, we’ve updated all Brand Journals with powerful analytics for traffic and source measurement. It’s always nice to know which communication channels drive the most traffic to your content. We also support Google Analytics 😊
And if you’d like to achieve the ultra pro level, use 3rd party integrations like Intercom, Sumo, or LiveChat, and add them to your pressroom with a single click. ‘PR automation level PRO’—achievement unlocked!

5. A Good Product is Only Half the Success

Prowly’s mission is to boost PR superpowers, which is why we’re constantly coming up with PR educational initiatives. We inspire actions, share our experiences, and provide channels for experts to share their insights. Prowly Magazine is a platform for discussing trends and standards in PR and marketing—our Edyta Kowal makes sure you always have access to high-quality content designed to help you communicate better.
From my perspective, being excellent in PR requires expertise related to the industry in which you communicate: a technology PR specialist would probably not be as effective if moved to healthcare PR. The same applies to us—no one here could even imagine developing PR software with no knowledge of how daily work in PR looks like.
Luckily, we’re PR persons too. Joanna Drabent—CEO and co-founder—owned a PR agency before she committed to developing Prowly. Edyta is the former editor-in-chief of one of the most popular industry portals (give my best to Proto.pl!), and then there’s me, the humble author of this piece, who spent a few years at H+K Strategies working for tech companies like Facebook or Spotify.

6. Your Voice Matters

Even though our team represents a full spectrum of skills and expertise, we know one thing for sure: we’ll never know everything. And because we want to give you the best product possible, your feedback is essential. For who knows your, your clients, journalists, and co-workers’ expectations better than you? Such feedback is priceless when it comes to creating new features or developing the existing ones. I’m not saying we implement all ideas, but we listen to all of them carefully and keep them in mind when planning next updates.

7. We Develop Constantly

In March 2018, we showed the new version of Prowly to the world. That’s right: subscribing to Prowly, you’re getting access to software that’s constantly developing and improving. We work on bugfixes and updates on a daily basis. We’re also adding new features, from milestone changes (like pressroom analytics) to tiny little touches (e.g. Prowly follow-ups). There’s no other way if you want to be the Top PR Software solution :)

By the way, check out how we’ve communicated the Prowly Season 3 update. Seriously, we’re expecting to get an Academy Award next year!

8. They Are Already Using Prowly

American scientists have already proven that we’re eager to make purchase decisions based on friends or influencers’ recommendations. And could there really be a better recommendation than that from more than 240 brands using Prowly all over the world? That includes Vimeo, Cadbury, LG, Decathlon, Danone, Pixers, DaWanda, Spotify, Pizza Hut, Lewis PR, H+K Strategies, HB Reavis, and many others.
Can’t wait to join them? Sign up now and finish reading later 😊
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9. You’ll Love Our Customer Success Team

If I was to promise you just one thing that you’d get with Prowly, that would be an awesome experience every time you’d get in touch with our CS team. Each day, our Karolina and Kasia help our customers solve whatever problems or concerns they come up with. In just a few months, their average response time went down to under three minutes!
Once you sign up, you’ll get a set of how-to materials to help you get you on board at your own pace. You can also visit help.prowly.com to find out how to use every available feature.

10. Unconventional Approach Towards Custom Requirements

We know there are a lot more colors than just black and white (and waaay more than fifty shades of grey <wink>). The same goes for our clients’ needs and expectations. We do our best to be as flexible as possible, so we can match all expectations: both yours and ours (and our investors’ as well :)). Got your own vision of what a pressroom should be like? Check out our custom solution for Vimeo. Need a custom pricing plan? Let us know. Want to rock social media together? No hay problema, señor!
I really hope I’ve convinced you by now and you either don’t need it or are dying to try it out. We can walk you through the app during an online demo call—just book a meeting and let us take care of the rest 😊
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