How to Manage a Successful Follow-up with Prowly PR Software
How to Manage a Successful Follow-up with Prowly PR Software

How to Manage a Successful Follow-up with Prowly PR Software

People tend to have extreme feelings about it: some love it, others hate it. But one thing’s for sure: a good follow-up is what helps secure outstanding coverage, establish new relations, and provide some unknown details about your contacts. Are you wondering how it’s done and where to start? Sit back and plan the process carefully before you decide to approach someone with the infamous “Did you receive my press release?” question.

It’s Thursday morning, a few minutes past 10. Now’s the best moment in the entire week to send your press release—this is when the email pitch open rates hit the peak. Your mailing left your outbox a while ago and you can already see the first opens and clicks in your Prowly Pitch panel.
This is where one of the most popular PR tools comes into play—the follow-up.
How to prepare yourself and not make the journos despise you? It’s easy. Start with the first and most important thing in every PR person’s life:

Grab a cup of fresh coffee.
Now get back to your laptop and sign in to Prowly once again. Go to your mailing detailed stats and find all contacts that are key to you right now. These are the people you’ll be focusing on today. 
Set up a proper status for each of them. At this point, most of them should read either To do: follow-up call or follow-up email. Once you’re done, find a quiet and comfy place so that nobody disturbs you while you’re making one phone call after another.
Before you hit “dial”:
  1. Remember that asking “Did you receive my press release?” is never a good conversation starter. If you’ve sent it, they have it. But if you’re really concerned, well, that’s what Prowly is for. When there’s a sent icon next to a record on the mailing detailed statistics screen, you can be sure your recipients got it.
  2. Think of what you want to achieve and what you can offer. Don’t waste time—theirs or yours.
  3. Show that you know your audience. Refer to their latest stories or posts shared over social media. If any of these shows resemblance to your story, it will be much easier to achieve your goals.
  4. Add the “When can I expect it to be published?” question to the list of bad conversation starters.
  5. Offer something extra to what you’ve just shared with everyone on your mailing list (yes, they do know everyone else got it too). It could be additional comments, an email interview, images or videos, or any kind of multimedia that have not yet been published. Sky is the limit.
  6. Be helpful, not insolent.
What you’ve got to do now is contact all the people on your list. Remember: you’ll find their phone numbers on the profile of each contact—you can access it directly from the detailed statistics screen. You can also print out the whole list, including the phone numbers and statuses that you’ve previously set up—just hit export and an .xls file will start downloading immediately.
Remember to add all your notes to Prowly once you’re done following up. Update all statuses or add new ones. There are five To do status types you can use:
  • follow-up email,
  • follow-up call,
  • follow-up text,
  • update details,
  • send samples.
Remember that once you’ve completed each operation, it’d be good to change the status assigned to it to done—this way it will be much easier for you to manage and report on the whole process. All additional info collected during phone calls, like journos’ hints, publishing plans, upcoming leaves, etc., can be added to each contact’s profile directly.
That’s all! Now you can sit back and wait for the coverage to appear. Remember that, if necessary, you can… go ahead with the follow-up all over again 😊
Good luck!
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