Prowly Season 3: The Very Best Moments

Prowly Season 3: The Very Best Moments


In a few days, a new version of Prowly will appear in your browser. Before this happens, have a look at the series of short video tutorials prepared by our Customer Success team.

Introduction to the new interface

Audience: the new looks and new contact analysis functions

Pitch: changes in the mailing statistics and campaign views

Brand Journals: new brand journal management panel

Account Performance: brand new analytical functions

In case you have any questions, we are happy to help and get you through the updated and brand new functions. Feel free to contact us via chat in the application or just drop us an e-mail to - we are in touch!


Set Up Your Prowly Account in 90 Minutes

Hi there! Imagine this: you’re at work early in the morning. You open your laptop, brew some coffee, and launch just one app. At startup, it displays all the stats generated recently by your press room or online magazine. It tells you which press release or article was the most popular among your readers and which contacts from your list have read it just recently. Your next release is scheduled before lunch. You can go grab a bite, the app will take care of everything. This is just a small example of what you can do with Prowly, the software you’re about to test out. In this guide, we’d like to show you how to master its basics and implement it to your everyday work routine effectively.