Prowly S3E6: Follow-up - The Master of PR Teleportation
Prowly S3E6: Follow-up - The Master of PR Teleportation

Prowly S3E6: Follow-up - The Master of PR Teleportation

Follow-up after your mailings. It’s a unctionality of the action genre. Some say it’s on the verge of extinction – it's probably because they haven’t seen it getting the job done right for a long time. The last hero of this season shall regain its former glory!

Here’s the Follow-up – a function that provides a list of tasks as regards following up with your contacts after a mailing. We’ll be brief because from words to deeds, this process will take just a few minutes.

How it works

  1. Go to detailed mailing statistics
  2. Filter contacts by actions that interest you (e.g., “clicked” – which means the contact clicked on the link in your email) or just analyze the entire list
  3. For selected contacts, add a task, for example, “write” or “call”
  4. Click “Export” to save the list of statistics and tasks as an Excel file
  5. Now you’re ready to individually follow up with those people who you usually reach out to after a mailing
Follow-up is the final feature we’re presenting as part of the teaser for this season. This obviously doesn’t mean that after we update Prowly there will be no further improvements. The opening of Season Three at Prowly will allow us to significantly accelerate the development of the platform in terms of purely technological advancements. We will keep you posted on our latest products and improvements. In the meantime, we encourage you to read once again about the changes included in this update - you can find them here.
Remember that we are here to help you. Our customer service team – Karolina and Kasia, product team headed by Sebastian and Łukasz who guards the quality of the code, Rafał who communicates with you on a daily basis through the Prowly newsletter, Edyta sending news from the PR industry also through the Prowly Magazine, the whole marketing and sales team with Wojtek and Piotrek in charge – here we are, the 20 of us, with the ambition to change the world of PR and help you be better each day – we're here for you. If you have any questions about the upgrade, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Editor crew: Sebastian Przyborowski, Kamil Skrzypiński, Adrian Powierża, Marcin Wojtczak, Tomasz Próchniewicz, Marta Matros, Marta Olczak, Łukasz Balcerzak
Director of photography: Marta Olczak
Promotion: Piotr Bożek, Edyta Kowal, Rafał Sałak
Technical crew: Karolina Zasada, Kasia Chrobak
Distribution: Wojtek Dwojacki, Kasia Śmiech, Karolina Rafalo, Karolina Jakubik, Dominika Wierzch
Budget: Ada Konieczna
Directed by: Joanna Drabent, Sebastian Przyborowski

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