Q&A: Karolina Jakubik, Growth Specialist at Prowly

Q&A: Karolina Jakubik, Growth Specialist at Prowly

Meet Karolina, who just joined our Warsaw HQ. Let’s find out why she chose Prowly and what makes her life worth living. Welcome to our new series where you’ll learn all about every single person that makes Prowly better each day :)

What convinced you to join Prowly?
Karolina Jakubik: Awesome product, awesome people, a lot of career development possibilities. What else could you possibly want? :)
Is this just the beginning of your adventure with Public Relations?
My previous employer was a media monitoring and analysis company providing services for PR teams. I guess we can say that my PR adventure started about four years ago.
What makes you feel alive? 
I try to spend a lot of time hanging out with my family and friends. What keeps me motivated is being around people who inspire me to do things. When I’m at home, I love watching movies—sci-fi, horrors, thrillers. I’m a huge fan of David Lynch. Besides, I love playing board games, and currently, I’m developing a passion for cooking... Well, to be honest, I generally hate it, but that needs to change!

When I hit the city, I love just walking around the streets, visiting various buildings, restaurants, and other places I've never seen before. I enjoy countryside trips whenever I have some more spare time in my cal.

And I love cats :)
Karolina and Felek the Cat

Karolina and Felek the Cat

Imagine this: the sky is falling, your to-do list is a mile long and keeps overwhelmingly growing each minute... What helps you take a step back and get it all done and under control?
I turn on some music to calm myself down. That’s also where my huge cup of honey & cinnamon coffee kicks in :)
The best place you've ever seen is...
Paris!!! And Cracow is great if you’re asking about places in Poland.

Thanks for your time!

PS: We love Cracow too. Here’s an interactive map to help you visit the city:
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