AB Testing - Improve Your Pitching Results With Data

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AB Testing - Improve Your Pitching Results With Data


AB tests are a good way to find the best way of doing things. It’s been widely used by marketing so far, but there’s no reason why PRs should embrace it as well. Whatever you do, it’s always good to constantly seek improvement – and that’s what AB tests are built for!

On Prowly, you can use AB tests to see how different elements of your PR pitches influence your media contacts:
  • email headlines,
  • call-to-action button placement,
  • email copy.
Before you start your AB tests, decide which elements you’re going to verify. Remember that you should always test one variable at a time, otherwise you won’t be sure which one had better impact on your readers.
Here’s how to carry out AB tests using Prowly Audience & Pitch.

How to choose the best email headline

A good headline is one of the few things people see when your email drops into their inboxes. It has to convince them to open your email as they get it instead of deleting it, leaving for later or marking as spam.
Test out various headline versions to see which ones were interesting for your media contacts or caught their attention quickly enough.

How to choose the best place for your CTA button

When you’re sending a PR pitch, most often you expect a specific reaction from editors – you want editors to click through and read your press release. On Prowly, you can use your own CTAs instead of hyperlinks, making your emails both clean and transparent.
With AB testing, you can tell if it’s best to place your CTA at the beginning or at the end of your email. Or, maybe it’s best to put it in the middle of your first sentence? Go on and see what works best for your audience.

How to choose the best email copy

There are different schools whe towards writing a PR pitch copy. Some people put the most important information in bullet points, leaving everything else in a press release, while others include as many details as possible. The best approach is the one that gives you the best results.
Once you start working on your email pitch, it’s good to prepare at least two different copies. For instance, you can list out the key details about your news in the first one, and add a quote or two to the second version. This will let you verify if quotes can encourage more clicks or just the opposite.

Remember that your audience list should have at least 100 contacts for your AB testing to be reliable.

If your database is too small, your insights may be misleading. And that could only cause more trouble and effort.
That’s it. I’m a big fan of AB testing and all the knowledge it provides – you’ll definitely find it useful as well!
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