Success Story: How E-commerce Company Implemented Brand Journalism Into Their PR Strategy With the Prowly App
Success Story: How E-commerce Company Implemented Brand Journalism Into Their PR Strategy With the Prowly App

Success Story: How E-commerce Company Implemented Brand Journalism Into Their PR Strategy With the Prowly App

Allegro’s communication team improves efficiency and keeps the audience informed – With Paweł Klimiuk, Corporate Communication Director and Michał Bonarowski, Senior PR Brand Manager at

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_magazyn.Allegro to brand journal wydawany przez markę Allegro we własnym imieniu. To nowoczesne medium internetowe, które inspiruje do zakupów, wspiera edukację i dostarcza eksperckiej wiedzy z zakresu zakupów przez internet.

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Allegro is the leading e-commerce player in Poland with 14 million users. For 81% of Internet users Allegro is the first choice for online shopping. “As a brand that aspires to be innovative, and which already is innovative in many other aspects of business, we should also be innovative in the way we communicate.” – Paweł Klimiuk comments.

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Building brand awareness through owned media becomes an increasingly more attractive alternative to traditional media relations. To maximize its potential, social press release needs to be targeted directly to brand’s consumers, building its reach through owned communication channels.

Nowadays brands often turn away from using traditional PR tools – such as press releases – in favour of building and developing brand channels, which allows them to narrate their stories in a manner adjusted to the end customer. Brand journalism is a style of content creation leveraging journalistic techniques, designed for brands to narrate their stories in an engaging way.
Prowly: Customer Story Allegro

Prowly: Customer Story Allegro

_magazyn.Allegro powered with Prowly app consists of a couple of sections which replaced separated brand’s platforms such as blogs and press office. There are new topic sections such as trends, career, safety and smart shopping. Materials that are being published are created by service’s staff which comprises PR department, Allegro’s employees and media workers.


34 News Scheduled For Publication Every Week1 Year With Prowly App

It turns out that we don’t have the kind of restrictions other media have to deal with, like those connected with the advertising department policy or the editorial line.

says Michał Bonarowski.

Form of content is very diversified – from articles and interviews to photo galleries, video, animations and infographics. Their primary function is to be useful for Allegro’s potential and existing clients. Because it is utility that is the foundation for building loyalty to companies and brands:

We have our own clear editorial line – we want to talk about the joy of shopping. Basically, we’re using the same methods as traditional media to show the end customer how much fun it is to shop online, how to be a smart shopper and how to learn something while you’re at it.

adds Michał Bonarowski.

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