#PRtalk: Tool Vendors on Automation, Tools and Workflow

#PRtalk: Tool Vendors on Automation, Tools and Workflow

The hour long session will take place from 11:00hrs PST; 14:00hrs EST; 19:00hrs GMT or 20:00hrs CET on 15 December.

Joanna Drabent, @jdrabent
Prowly – an online platform designed to help public relations professional to streamline their media relations efforts.

Rebekah Iliff, @rebekahiliff
AirPR Analyst – an analytics, insights, and measurement platform for public relations practitioners to increase their effectiveness, and map public relations activities to business objectives.

Stella Bayles, @stellabayes
coveragebook.com – automates press reports by taking coverage screen-shots and pulling in traffic, social and domain authority data. It builds coverage books in seconds and presents in a customisable format that’s easy to share.

Aly Saxe, @Aly_Saxe
Iris – helps public relations practitioners prove the value of their most important relationships – with journalists and influencers. We’re about the art and science of targeted media relations.

Jonathan Bean, @jonobean
MyNewsdesk – used by public relations professionals, brand publishers, journalists and bloggers to share their stories.

Adam Parker, @Adparker
Lissted – discover the truly influential voices in a community and the content, conversations and websites that matter to them.

Idries Al-Bender, @IdriesAB
Prezly – relationship management tool for public relation professionals that aims to increase your impact. It offers you a full public relations toolkit.

Nicolas Chabot, @nicochabs
Traackr – an all-in-one solution to structure and scale company-wide influencer programmes.
For more information visit Stephen’s blogpost:

#PRtalk: tool vendors on automation, tools and workflow - Stephen Waddington

I’m hosting the #PRtalk Twitter chat next week with a group of digital public relations tool vendors. What do you need to know? During next week’s #PRtalk Twitter chat you’ll have the chance to put your questions to the people that… Continue Reading →

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We have been running Prowly app for more than one year. We launched our app in the end of 2013, so 2014 was the most important year for our business in Poland. After launching in beta we have verified market need and on that basis we prepared next iteration of our product – Prowly 1.0. Prowly 1.0 launch was the beginning of a real battle (fight?) for the biggest clients in Poland and verifying our long-term plan for sales. 2014 was full of rises and falls for us. That kind of experience can give you only working on your own startup.
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