Vimeo and Prowly App Show That Brand Newsrooms Don’t Have to Be Boring

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Vimeo and Prowly App Show That Brand Newsrooms Don’t Have to Be Boring


Prowly launches Vimeo’s new Press Center supported with a personalized media pitching module.

Despite of the all-digital era being here for some time now, recent research by ISEBOX showed that digital newsrooms are still way behind. While most reporters access online press centers at least once a month, these websites don’t meet the expectations of 70% of journalists.*
Any media opportunities missed here? Plenty. Journalists may miss your key announcement or use random brand assets they find on Google Search. Or they may end up using packshots of products that are not actually yours. Any of these is a recipe for a PR nightmare. Better establish a newsroom that journalists actually like to visit and that makes their job easier and faster. And this is exactly what Prowly app had in mind when started designing a custom press center for Vimeo based on the Brand Journal module.

The mobile revolution has completely changed the way we browse websites. People prefer images and videos over written content. The same goes for the expectations of reporters. They’re always busy, they process tons of content every day and want instant access to company news, assets or spokespeople. They need press centers that work fast, are responsive and give whatever content needed.

Joanna Drabent, CEO & Co-founder at Prowly

Vimeo’s new Press Center is a variation of a digital newsroom we call the Brand Journal. The communications team can post press releases, news, articles, as well as set up brands’ social media streams and press kits. The pitching module allows users to share press releases with their media contacts directly from the app and then track each contact’s behavior. 

Key Press Center features are:

  • Full catalogue of Vimeo’s announcements since 2010 available in one place;
  • Contact details for all press or event inquiries;
  • Related assets and releases available for each press release;
  • Visual content – photos and videos – embedded directly into releases;
  • Instant access to all Vimeo media resources: brand guidelines, B-roll and original programming assets.

We needed a flexible newsroom design that would be intuitive and easy to navigate for journalists on the front end and our internal team on the backend. Visually, it was important to represent the creativity behind our brand and functionally it needed to support everything from hosting our brand guidelines to our original programming press assets. Prowly was the best fit to meet both those needs.

Jessica Casano-Antonellis, VP of Communications and Head of Diversity at Vimeo

Check out Vimeo’s Press Center at

*ISEBOX.COM, survey conducted in April 2016.

About Prowly:

Prowly is a PR and Content Marketing CRM for agencies, businesses and freelancers. It lets you create interactive press releases, articles or blog posts, post them on brand newsrooms, then distribute to the media and measure results. Several thousand professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members for brands such as Vimeo, Deloitte Digital, IKEA, Spotify and National Geographic. Prowly is a member of the European Tech Alliance, alongside some of the biggest technology startups from Europe (King, Spotify, BlaBlaCar, Deezer), supporting the European Commission in the Digital Single Market (DSM) project. Read more at

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