Keep Up the Good Work

Keep Up the Good Work


How positive reinforcement techniques affect the development of startup companies

Some time ago, I came across a book called “Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships!” which illustrates what a good manager can learn from a killer whale trainer. At first, this may sound a bit like kid stuff, but this book is not only a powerful compendium of techniques on how to motivate people, but it also contains a number of personal insights on management.
My time as the CEO at Prowly began with no experience required to hold such a position in a startup. Before that, I managed a small PR agency with a flat organizational structure. I was equally engaged in both developing the business as a whole and handling ongoing customer service issues. Today - after three years of developing Prowly as a company - I have a massive load of experience which is impossible to gain in any other job in such a short time. And there’s more ahead of me.
What has helped me and my team overcome the greatest difficulties over those years - apart from most obvious factors such as the ability to quickly handle problems with the resources at hand - is definitely positive thinking and motivation.
Let me return to the killer whale trainer for a moment. Two principles form the bedrock of this work methodology: catching people doing things right and redirecting the energy to the positive consequences of fixing things that are done wrong. Both of these principles work only when they result from sincere efforts.
For me, Richard Branson is a perfect example of such an approach. In his communications, he often emphasizes that if you take good care of your coworkers, they will definitely redirect this positive energy towards your clients.
Richard Branson

Happy employees, happy customers, happy investors: #readbyrichard

A great small business idea is the starting point. Choosing your coworkers wisely and ensuring positive motivation underpin the process of implementing a good idea in time.

Now I have a task for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of some positive statements - choose the ones that you think are the most important and share them with your teammates. Or just express these thoughts in your own way. I already did.

I’m lucky to work with people who are wiser than I am 😊

You never cease to amaze me with your great ideas 🤗

Not only you had a great idea, but also you’re its best protector 👊

I appreciate that you can admit to a mistake ✌️

I’m impressed with how fast you act 💪

Glad you're here; you always offer good advice and help me find the right solutions 🤓

Thank you for putting your heart into this project 😍

I appreciate that you’re willing to help in any situation 👍

I’m impressed by your spirit and effectiveness in pursuing goals 👏

Sometimes we disagree, but we always try to come up with the best solutions 👌


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